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I've decided to let all the group members vote for the best "what IF" poem, here is the link to my page where the poll is I will leave this up till next Friday. Don't forget to go vote.

I would Like to post the link to my new group again, and tell everyone that is here that writes more than poetry to please join, this new group is for any types of literature, if I need to add more folders I will.…

if you haven't read the group rules here you need too, I'm starting to have too many issues with people thinking this group is for any type of literature, and it's not. I have stated time after time, that this is strictly a poetry and song writing group ONLY. I will turn your work down, if it's not poetry and I will tell you to read the rules, all I'm doing is trying to run this group the right way, so I hope everyone understands that.
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Submitted on
December 21, 2012