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I would like to welcome all of the new members, we have really started to grow again. We are now at over 1,100 members, and I hope to get that number rise.

The  "zombie" contest ends Wednesday so please hurry if you want to enter. The poem has to go into the Zombie folder, and it can be any kind of poetry. I will pick the top of for you to vote on Nov 1, everyone did a very good job, and I want to say thank you.

I also wanted to tell everyone I would like to start some new things in this group. I would like to have a theme every week to write on and I will make a new folder for this. I will let the member's help pick a theme, all you have to do is send a note to me and I will make a list of the ideas, and on Sunday I will send a note to the next one on the list to tell them I'm using there idea next. I would also like the person that gave me the idea to have a poem wrote by that Monday so I can post it with the theme, like a feature. I hope everyone likes this idea, you can start sending me notes ASAP. IF YOU PUT YOUR IDEA IN A COMMENT IT WILL NOT COUNT.

I would also want to say thank you to… is our new co-founder that is so full of new ideas. He did come up with a forum on his page, we will start posting the link each week to the forums so we can have a good chat about writing and such. I hope everyone likes that idea

Last but not least I would love to hear new ideas from all of the members, what should we add to this group next?
should I try to get the chat for this group up and running again the right way, and get members to be mods there?
Should I try to gain more points so I can make this a super group?

you can add the answers in the comments or send me a note.
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Ambrea2Paris Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Making this into a super group sounds pretty cool, I'll gladly donate points :3
valleigh Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Student Writer
sounds good and thank you
zuko4444 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012   Writer
I'd say for the weekly themes, do a poll. Wait till you get a good amount of suggestions, then maybe at the beginning/end of every week put up a poll with those suggestions. Whatever get's the most votes by the end of the day/week, depending on how and when you want to do this, that's the theme for the week.
valleigh Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Student Writer
I rather give everyone a chance, so i will make a list of the ideas.
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October 29, 2012


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