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Hello all group members,
I would let to let everyone know, I'm trying to make this group great again still. I am running into a lot of issues, I have forgotten how to work a lot of settings an such. So now I am reaching out for help, if anyone would like to be a part of my staff, Please, Please let me know. I need at least 3 people, an you have to know how to run all the settings.

If your interested in being a admin, please send me a note, tell me all about yourself, an what would make you good at being on my team. I have had a lot of issues in the past with staff members, so I am strict now.

I will redo folders as I can, as of now I can't access the folders to fix them. I would also like to try to save points again, so I can upgrade this group, that is what we need. I will keep updating as I can, have a good day.
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All Of My Administrators can post here to help everyone keep up with the group.

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This is a poetry group, I creative a few years ago. This is a group for all kinds of poetry. If it two words to, 1,000, it can be poetry. I love to write an I love to see what others loves to do as well. Come here for help, or to show off your work. I can be easy to get along with if you just follow the rules. Please read all the rules, an you will be fine, have fun, that's the key here.
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Jan 29, 2012


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1,698 Members
1,287 Watchers
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Here are the rules for the group. (PLEASE READ)

:star: No being rude to other members, staff members can't even be rude to anyone either, if i catch anyone (mocking work or the group, trolling, or just being mean) you will be warned, and blocked from the group, this is a drama free group and the staff here won't put up with it.

:star: No talking about group issues in comments about other people, these issues need to be discussed in private. If you break this rule you will be banned ASAP. I will give a example if you have problems with the way we do things in the group, contact staff members, don't leave it in notes.

:star: No spammers of any kind are welcome here. You will be told to leave and will be banned from the group.

:star: This group was made for poetry, or song writers ONLY. ( all forms of poetry are welcome here, I just don't want to see stories, or fan fiction, or anything else you know isn't poetry.)

:Star: make sure you submit to the right folder that best fits the topic your writing about.

:start: You can submit 3 entries daily.

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Let us know if you want to help us, we can help you.

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a midnight's lullaby
Tick tock
Icy clock
Rain now tries to thaw
Tick tock
Icy clock
Skin is growing raw
Tick tock
Icy clock
In this cold and heartless fog
A woman cries for help
A child's fears are strong
Tick tock
Icy clock
Screams chilling to the bone
And as he has his way with her
A child's left alone
Tick tock
Heartless clock
Intentions crystal clear
Taking hold of someone close
The child quakes for fear
No words escape the child's mouth
For such words now clog the thought
No one best to see such tears
No one to even glance
Though as it's eyes begin to close
The torture never lasts
Tick tock
Gentle clock
For struggling has come to pass
Picking up the child young
For a child's sleeping fast
:iconcandygirl101010:candygirl101010 0 0
Mature content
Rest in Peace, Father o' Mine. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 2 0
Mature content
Song of a Madman 3. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 2 2
Vivere vos libero et sinite veritas.
Let it all wash away,
the illusions that casts skewered reflections,
the lies that you tell yourself,
the painted smiling mask on your scarred crying face.
Let yourself free,
from shackles of toil that you wrought upon your ankles,
release the burden that lays heavy on your heart,
break the silence on your voice and tell the world.
The truth shall set you free,
free from the life you live,
and from the death of the life,
you lived past this point.
Be reborn in fire,
reincarnate in light,
rise up from the grave,
of your past days of life.
Live and let the truth set yourself free.
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 3 0
Mature content
Tale of the Madman 91. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 2 2
Mature content
Vagosque de adverso solitudinis in. :iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 2 3
Just a Note or A Simple Word?
Just a note can be many things
A simple thing or maybe the hardest thing.
Who knows right?
There are many things a person can say with a note;
Hurt feelings, telling yourself something
Telling your loved one your going to kill yourself
Or Running away from home. Me? You ask.
Eh, what can I say About myself?
Honestly lots of things. For starters
I'm rude and a bitch
I'm depressed twenty-four seven and apparently doesn't care about anything
Wishes to die all the time
Runs way from everything and can't be happy
I sometimes can't stand living anymore
It's hard for me to laugh with the memories that haunt my eternal soul
God fucking hates me and loves watching me suffer
But i do love being with my friends
No matter if their with me or just talking to me
I love them. They can't be replaced
Even though I only have three friends
wigglebum,my friend on fan-fiction, and my friend Caitlyn
It doesn't bother me that people make fun of me
I have learned to self-sooth or i cry.
I can honestly say I n
:iconstrawberrylover1021:strawberrylover1021 1 0
Tale of a Madman 87.
My head is keep spinning on,
I didn't realize that the drugs,
in me was already gone.
Take a pill,
get your fill,
of untroubled fun,
on the beach,
beneathe the sun.
Don't know if I'm
delirious or,
frankly serious,
but I feel quite delighted,
to see you get invited.
To see a world on fire,
get yourself a unrelentless desire,
and provoke the gods' ire,
attend a dying saint's funeral pyre.
All of this is terrible,
but sadly true,
much of what is said,
is being told by the dead.
I am quite glad,
that I am mad,
'cause then I won't,
have to worry why,
I am so damn sad.
But it's hard without drugs,
to tell you this,
because my world is spinning,
that I think I'm already dying.
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
Gems, A (Taric) LoL / Rihanna Parody
Shine bright like a gem,
Shine bright like a gem.
Find light in the endless Void,
I choose to be fabulous,
You and I, you and I
We’re like gems in bottom lane.
You’re a stunning Dazzle I see
A vision of beauty
When you heal me, I’m alive again
We’re like gems in bottom lane.
I knew that we’d win right away
Oh, right away
At first pick I felt the energy of victory
I saw the determination inside your eyes
So let's shine outrageously tonight, you and I
We’re beautiful like gems in the bottom lane
Champ to champ, so alive
We’re beautiful like gems in the bottom lane
Shine bright like a gem (of Sapphire!)
We’re beautiful like gems in the mid lane
Shine bright like a gem (of Ruby!)
We’re beautiful like gems in the top lane
Light arises to the Summoner's Rift
As I Imbue you and Shatter foes
Feel the Radiance, you’ll never die
We’re like gems in the bottom lane
You’re a shining Imbue I see
A vision of beauty
When I heal yo
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
Deeper into my Grave.
All I've ever wanted
was to help and save the ones I love.
That maybe I could be that person who makes the pain disappear
That maybe I could make people happy.
But when it comes to me
All I've EVER wanted was for someone to care.
All I've ever wanted is for someone to STAY!
but when they give up,
when they leave me,
when they become so cold to me.
I think that maybe I'm not worth saving anymore
That maybe it's a sign
I'm not meant to be here.
That maybe my existence is meaningless.
I'm at the edge now.
and I don't think anyone is coming to save me anymore
I'm on my own
No one is going to run after me.
No one is going to stop me.
And all I want is for someone to bring me into their arms
and hold me as I cry
Someone to tell me its going to be okay.
But I won't get that.
It's funny to think that,
a simple hug and a few words can save someone
It's sad to know
No one is going to do that for you.
And as I feel myself falling
I pray someone will help me
I pray for saving
But no one knows how
:iconarrowgirl26:arrowgirl26 2 0
Tyrannis solis maledicas!
Curse this tyranny of the sun,
for it brings me only pain to,
my eyes and flesh.
I scorn this sunlight,
it's harsh and cruel,
it does not soothe.
It blinds and burns,
and my soul screams,
for release of torment.
I long for the night,
the sweet darkness,
that comforts my mind and soul.
The only comfort,
I know is,
the dark night.
Bless the full moon,
her light is smooth,
and her touch truly soothes.
My spirit soar,
free in her loving light,
it brings me comfort;
Both in soul,
and mind,
that I can live;
Forever in the dark, dark night...
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 0 0
The Jump
The lights of the town are like a thousand fireflies
The fresh breeze like a gasp of relief
My heart beat is like the sound of trampling feet of children
My soul is like a wilting rose.
I saw the stars in your eyes
I felt your heart underneath my hand
Your breath tickles on my neck
Everything passed away.
Now I sit here
On the roof upon the town
I listen to the chasing cars
See the sparkling lights
Sense the wind through the cracks of my soul.
Why shouldn't I jump in to the sea of lights?
Maybe I'll be a star
Which shines with all the others
Or maybe everything comes to an end
Like hope did so long ago.
If I jump my problems wouldn't be solved
But they'd end.
If I jump I wouldn't have to stand that emptiness
Or the crack in my heart.
Then my soul can
Disappear like smoke
up to the stars
towards the sky.
Then I'll be a star
I could watch and protect you from up there
It'd be better that way
More accepted than a broken soul on earth.
So goodbye!
Look towards the black night sky
Look to t
:iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 13 13
A Year
Raindrops hit the windows
A child is slipping on the wet leaves
But we are save inside
Me in your arms.
You whispered nothing could happen to me
Nothing could hurt me as long as you're with me
You promised you'd always protect me
While you kissed away a tear.
Snowflakes rest in your hair
The reflected light sparkles in your eyes
As we walk around the frozen lake
Hand in hand.
You whispered something happened
Something that'd change a lot
You promised it wasn't my fault
While you strictly avoided to look in my tear-filled eyes.
The earth fills with colors
The sun warms the air
While my world stays grey and cold
My soul remains black and frozen
Something happened to me
I'm hurt now you're gone
You lied to me
You didn't save me
People full of joy and passion
As the sunlight shines through my windows
While I'm completely lost.
You brought me to hell
I know that now
It was my fault
I see that now.
As I hold my arm into the sunlight
The blood sparkles
Just like th
:iconipomeatricolor:IpomeaTricolor 6 19
i just wanted to make you something beautiful
your goodbye
tasted like cold
rather bitter, really
kind of poetic--&
a bit absurd
while waltzing
around your bedroom
(hitting my shin
on the nightstand)
a goose dabbing
its beak in
lyrical genuis
a little less than
& every law of thermodynamics
pressed against
my inspiration
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 29 15
Slaves in the Gutter
Along the wavering flames we pace
Whatever in the past we may erase
It's all stamped in our DNAs
The dearth of choice to give and take
We are a child's play
A life in one breath passes away
Generation after generation,
           indebted till eternity
In this never-ending slavery
Ignorant of dreams,
   blindfolded from truth
Built with mortars of lies and half-truths
We owe our lives to our fathers
We are the famishing slaves in the gutter
:iconairplanez900andnine:AirplaneZ900andNine 2 2
The Blue Jay
From her swollen center
A blue jay cries
It calls out gently
Displaying her lies.
It longs to be free
From the chains that pull down.
The wings beat weakly,
But are left on the ground.
She clasps it near.
Its song is for her.
And none shall hear
The bird in the dark.
:iconheartenmethroughsong:HeartenMeThroughSong 7 3
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Hello, I would like to say hey, and sorry at the same time. I hate I was gone for so long, but I am back to build this group up once again. I do need a strong staff to back me up. I know in the past I have had issues with people staying an helping, but I hope to see that change. I need team leaders, an followers to help this group grow, if you fit that, let me know please. nthanks Amy



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